Monday, February 27, 2017

Edmonton Heating Explains Why Stack Effect is a Problem in Your Home

Your furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm, but it is the job of the rest of your home’s ventilation features to keep the warm air inside. If you own a multi-story home, you may have trouble maintaining warmth because of ‘stack effect’

The stack effect explained
The stack effect is a condition where the entire house acts like a giant chimney, pushing warm air upwards until it eventually leaves the structure. It occurs because of the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Cold air is denser than warm air, so when cold air enters the home from the first floor, warm air is displaced to the top. This airflow actually pulls more cold air in, worsening the stress on your home’s heating system.

When stack effect becomes a problem
If the airflow is strong, thus puts undue pressure on cracks, deteriorated masonry, cracked weather stripping, and other vulnerable areas. With constant pressure, these leak sources can become larger, intensifying the airflow and worsening your energy loss problem. Read more from this blog.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Edmonton Water Heater: Is It Time to Replace Your Unit this Spring?

April is the time for flowers and all things spring. It’s also a great time to replace an old, decrepit water heater. So how do you know if your water heater needs replacing? Edmonton HVAC professionals share with you the five biggest telltale signs to watch out for.

It’s past its lifespan

A well-maintained water heater can function properly up to ten years—twelve to fifteen years if you really want to push it. If yours is close to or over a decade old, it’s likely that performance has degraded considerably. Avoid having to deal with the hassles of an unexpected breakdown by replacing your old unit this spring.

You get higher energy bills

If you observe a considerable increase in your energy bills despite your water heater usage staying consistent, your water heater’s age could be the culprit. As mentioned, water heater efficiency drops with time, and so it needs to consume more energy to provide you with the same amount of hot water you’re used to. When your heater starts making a huge impact in your energy bills, it’s time to think of replacing it. Read more from this blog.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Furnace Replacement: 4-Point List to See If You Need a New Furnace

Are you unsure whether to continue with your current furnace or replace the unit altogether? Furnace replacement is a big financial commitment, so it’s only natural that you may be trying to delay it until you need it most. Fortunately, furnaces often exhibit warning signs prior to complete failure. With that in mind, keep this checklist handy to help you determine if you need a new furnace ASAP or not:
Your Furnace is Older than 15 Years
According to experts, the average service life of a furnace is roughly 18 years. Once your furnace creeps towards 15 years, however, you may begin to notice higher energy bills and general inefficiency from your unit. In such cases, you may want to start looking at new furnaces at this time. Are you unsure about the age of your furnace? Experienced HVAC technicians, such as the ones from Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd., can easily help you determine the age of your furnace through its serial number. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 Warning Signs Saying It’s Time to Call an Edmonton Furnace Service

You’ve probably been using your furnace heater extensively this winter season. But are you overworking it? Can you tell if your heating equipment is going to make it through the cold season or not? Here are some warning signs to watch out for so you’ll know it’s time to contact an Edmonton furnace service and have your heating equipment checked.
Weird noises
If you hear unusual noises inside your furnace system that you’ve never heard before, that’s practically a guarantee that you have a furnace problem. A grinding or chattering noise indicates an electrical problem, while a banging, huffing, and puffing sound often means a delayed ignition issue. Meanwhile, clanging and clunking usually means a cracked or broken belt. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Edmonton Air Conditioning: How to Keep a Frozen AC Problem at Bay

As the weather warms, a cool house is always something to look forward to. Few things are worse than a broken air conditioning system in sweltering heat, so keeping your AC in good condition throughout the warm seasons is a must.

One of the most common AC problems you must keep an eye on is frozen pipes and tubes. Once this happens, you’ll have minimal airflow and cooling, and will be impossible for you to feel comfortable.

What cause your AC system to freeze?

A lot of factors can cause an AC unit to freeze. Common reasons include the following:

Loss of refrigerant – low refrigerant levels can make the evaporator coil too cold.
Clogs inside the piping – clogs restrict airflow in the system, which adds stress to the compressor and other AC components. A dirty air filter is often the culprit of restricted airflow, so be sure to clean your AC filter regularly.
Read more from this blog.

Plumbing Tips: 3 Toilet Maintenance Tips to Keep It Going for Longer

Toilets are one of the few modern conveniences that many people tend to overlook—until the toilet starts malfunctioning. Such a problem can easily lead to costly water damage, or worse, sewage backups that “flush down” the contents of your wallet and expose your family to a bevy of health risks.
Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure your toilet works perfectly for the entirety of its service life. Whether you just had a new toilet installed by plumbing professionals in Edmonton or you simply want to make sure you get the most out of your existing toilet, here are a few maintenance tips to help you out:
Hydrogen Peroxide Over Harsh Chemicals
When it comes to disinfecting toilets, many people immediately reach for cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, these chemicals may erode the pipes connected to your toilet with repeated and extended use. For a gentler approach that is just as effective, you may want to consider switching to hydrogen peroxide. Simply let it set for roughly 30 minutes and your toilet is good to go. Read more from this blog :

Monday, February 20, 2017

Heating Tips: 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New Furnace

If you are using a furnace that is nearing the end of its service life, there’s a good chance that you’re already shopping around for a new furnace. After all, your furnace is a vital component of your heating system in Edmonton, especially once the temperature begins to drop.
Purchasing a new furnace can be a simple task, especially since there are so many models to choose from nowadays. However, choosing the right furnace for your home can be a little trickier if you don’t do your research. With that in mind, here are a few common mistakes homeowners in Edmonton and Stony Plain should avoid committing when purchasing a new furnace:
Failing to Check AFUE Ratings
Many of the latest furnaces are labeled as energy-efficient units. Keep in mind, however, that energy-efficient furnaces are not made equal. The higher the AFUE rating a unit has, the more efficient it is in terms of energy consumption. If your budget permits, try to go for units that have an AFUE rating of 90% or higher to maximise your energy savings. Read more from this blog :

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Edmonton Water Heater Tips: When Water Pools Under Your Water Heater

Do you see water pooling under your water heater? This is the most common telltale sign that you have a leak somewhere in your tank. If your water bills haven’t spiked yet, consider that good news, because you likely caught the leak at its early stages. Of course, pooling could also be the result of condensation, so you need to confirm that this isn’t the case.
The first step is to check whether the pool of water is caused by dripping, flooding, or spraying water around your tank. Your Edmonton water heater professionals share with you the following guidelines on what to do in such cases.
Spraying or flooding water
If you see water spraying from the pipes that go into the tank, turn off the controlling valve immediately. In most cases, the shut-off valve will be somewhere nearby. If it isn’t that obvious, track the pipe until you locate the valve. If water is spraying from the heater, turn off the valve above it. If the tank doesn’t have a valve, you may need to shut off your home’s main supply valve. Call a professional plumber to have the leak inspected. Read more from this blog:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Edmonton Drain Cleaning Pros Share 4 Easy Ways to Unclog Your Toilet

Toilet clogs are a problem that all homeowners must eventually face. And while your favorite Edmonton plumbing companies will always be there to help, most of the time, this is a job that you can handle on your own. With a little practice and the right tools, even a home repair newbie can get unclog a toilet in minutes.

A plunger is your best friend

It pays to have a plunger at home for those toilet emergencies. In the event that your toilet gets clogged, having a plunger can save you from all that foul smell. There generally two plunger types in the market—with flange and without. Choose the one with a flange as these are specifically designed for toilets.

Use liquid dish soap

Liquid dish soap can lubricate whatever’s blocking your toilet and make them slippery enough to slide away. To use, pour a generous amount of liquid dish soap into the bowl and let it settle. After a few minutes, pour hot water in to push the lubricated clog away. Read more from this blog.

Edmonton Air Conditioning Pros: Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

Energy efficiency is an important aspect of any Edmonton air conditioning and heating system. If you’re looking to make your HVAC system more efficient and save more money in the process, then one of the first things you should look at is upgrading your thermostat.
Modern thermostats can help with energy efficiency in a variety of ways. Depending on the model you choose, you can have a thermostat that helps you manage and monitor energy usage. If you’re still using an old slide or dial thermostat, then even a simple upgrade to a basic digital thermostat can do you good. Of course, you want to know you’re choosing the right thermostat for your needs, so here are some of your best options. Read more from this blog:

Friday, February 17, 2017


Clogged drains tend to become more than just a minor problem especially once it starts building up over time. There are actually a good number of serious consequences that come along with clogged drains, ranging from structural to health concerns.
Here are some reasons why you should take it seriously and get professional plumbing companies from Edmonton involved in its resolution.
Telltale Signs
A clump of hair, a stuck bunch of used toilet papers, toys improperly disposed of—all of these things can contribute to a clogged drain. It’s simple enough to see that there is a blockage in your drains: the water isn’t going down as quickly as it should. Worse, it’s actually getting backed up. That’s as clear a sign as any that you need to call a plumber to get your drain clog fixed. Read more from this blog :

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Examples of Plumbing Issues that Would Require Professional Plumbers

More often than not, homeowners would rather make a quick-fix on what they deem to be minor problems in their household. Not only does it build up their DIY street cred, after all, but it also makes for some serious money-saving opportunity.
However, there are certain instances that would actually require the help of a professional, such as when it comes to plumbing issues. It takes more than just tightening a few loose bolts and screws to things fixed, after all. Here are some instances of plumbing issues that would do you well to leave in the capable hands of Edmonton plumbers instead of taking it on by yourself.
Faulty Hardware
You may think it’s a simple task that you can do on your own. If it’s only a matter of switching up the hardware for something that looks newer, then by all means you can take a crack at it. However, if it involves some adjustment to the piping, or if it requires a lot more than simply turning screws, it’s best to hand over the task to your plumber. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Edmonton Plumbers Talk about Possible Problems with Plumbing Vents

Your home’s plumbing vents are responsible for maintaining neutral air pressure within the entire plumbing system. Aside from that, they also prevent sewer gases and odor from accumulating in the house by dispelling them outside of your home. Because their important role, plumbing vents must be kept in good working order always. Unfortunately, these plumbing features can encounter problems from time to time.

Some of the common plumbing vent problems you may face are listed below. If you observe any of them, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted Edmonton plumber straight away.
Slow drainage

A drainage that drains slowly is your first sign of a plumbing vent problem. If the problem is not just restricted to one particular drain, then your entire plumbing system is at risk. Have a plumber check your vents to see what’s wrong. Read more from this blog