Saturday, December 27, 2014

Crucial Considerations When Installing Central AC

Choosing to install a central air conditioning system will help you cut down on your monthly bills. Besides allowing you to provide adequate cooling to all rooms in your home, you can also make use of the existing heating duct for the air conditioning. Other benefits include better air quality and less noise.

When planning to install a central AC system, consult a home cooling expert. He may suggest the most suitable unit for your home. If a unit is too small, it will not be able to completely cool a house during a hot day and it will cost more to operate because of its extended operation time. A larger unit also creates problems; the unit will cool down the home too quickly while not reducing the moisture in the air.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quick Plumbing Fixes You Should Know

Though it can be tempting to call up an Edmonton plumbing professional every time something goes wrong, sometimes it’s an overreaction. As a homeowner, it would be good to take time to learn some basic plumbing skills.

The most important skill to know is how you can shut off your home's water supply. Every plumbing system includes a water shutoff valve. You should know where yours is located, as shutting off the water is an essential first step before getting to do any work on the plumbing. Not only that, but in the event of a leaky faucet or burst pipe, it would be imperative to quickly turn off the water.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Things to Consider When Buying Water Heaters

At the end of the day, cost will most likely dictate which type of water heater you will buy and install in your home. Do not let price be the only reason why you purchase a particular model however. After all, choosing the right water heater for your needs will make the new heater last longer, allowing you to get the most out of your money. With that in mind, here are a few other factors you should take into account:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Water Hammers: What You Need to Know About Them

Turning on your faucet and hearing a loud banging is a bad sign. That loud banging sound is known as a “water hammer”, a characteristic noise that points to a possible problem with water pressure. It happens right after you turn off a faucet, and the fast moving water comes to a quick stop. This creates some kind of “shock wave”, which causes the hammering sound.

Proper plumbing comes with air chambers or cushions that soften these shock waves. If you are unsure if your plumbing has these, call reliable Edmonton plumbers to check, as these could save you a great deal of trouble later on. If the problem has been building up for some time, however, the air chambers could eventually fail.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why Services for a Water Heater in Edmonton Are Necessary Precautions

Without proper care, even the most advanced water heaters will still experience the occasional malfunction, or leak excess carbon monoxide. Although homeowners have the option to maintain their own heaters, the sheer amount of work needed to ensure every component works in the system (the piping included) can be daunting. It would be preferable for homeowners to call for professional services for their water heater in Edmonton, such as those offered by Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Heaters generally last for a decade, whether they run on gas or electricity, and usually only need annual maintenance. Homeowners, however, should not have to wait for that long if they suspect that their heaters suffer a dip in performance, and should pre-empt any water heater malfunctions by enlisting the expertise of plumbing and heating companies.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trusted Edmonton Drain Cleaners: Protecting Kitchen Drains from Clogs

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home”. Since that is the case, you should consider your plumbing systems as the blood vessels that help keep the kitchen going. Just like your own heart and blood vessels, keeping your plumbing clear of any clogs is vital if you want to avoid any problems later on. Sadly, the kitchen holds many things that can lead to clogged drains. While calling Edmonton drain cleaners can easily resolve any clog that may develop, the best course of action would be to prevent clogs from happening in the first place. With that in mind here are a few tips that help prevent your kitchen drains from clogging.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Replacing Your Edmonton Heating System? Three Things You Should Know

Needless to say, heating equipment is extremely necessary this winter—unless Edmonton locals have that secret desire to turn into human popsicles. So, if your heating systems didn’t work the last time you checked, or are acting up one way or the other, a replacement is in order. Style at Home writer Allan Britnell sums up the common types of heaters in Canadian households, including. The forced air furnace’s versatility is a big plus for homeowners, making it a top consideration for new space heating equipment. Before you hire Edmonton heating specialists to install a forced-air furnace unit in your home, take note of these essential tidbits of information from the Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winterization Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioners in Edmonton

Edmonton locals are used to the early start of winter—which they’ve witnessed in the last few years—and this year is no exception. The News staff writes that in the first week of November, the city already endured a major snowfall. Several centimetres of snow caused traffic turmoil around the city. The start of snowfall is a good signal for locals to start thinking about winterizing their air conditioning systems. Winterizing window and outside air conditioners in Edmonton homes should be a part of HVAC maintenance, to ensure that the units would remain functional and ready for use once the winter season is over.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Plumbing in Edmonton: Preventing Burst Pipes and Other Winter Problems

Winters in Edmonton aren’t all winter light festivals, adventure walks, and hot cocoa—well, at least, at home. Since temperatures in the metro start dipping as the last quarter gets underway, residents actually have much to worry about when winter begins. By December and January, the daily average low can dip to almost 14 degrees below zero. You cannot afford any foul-ups with your piping system in the middle of a deep winter, so you need to strengthen your plumbing in Edmonton with the help of experts such as Capital Plumbing & Heating. What are the possible plumbing problems you might encounter during this season?

Handling Stubborn Drain Clogs

A clogged drain can cause real trouble for the family. Virtually all activities have to halt until the clog that keeps dirty water from running out of the house is removed. Serious cases of clogging have to be dealt with by professional plumbers. Here’s how you can handle drain clogs.

Avoiding clogged drains and toilets

It’s easier to stop these clogs from happening than make a mess trying to fix them when they do occur. It’s as simple as installing a hair catcher in bathroom drains and a food catcher in the kitchen sink, since hair and food particles are among the major causes of clogging.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Edmonton Plumbers Tackle Big Problems in a Tiny Bath or Powder Room

The small things count, and renovating a tiny space like your powder room can help in improving your home’s aesthetics and value. Pack the room with style, and it can surely wow your guests or your prospective buyers. Glen Peloso, home design correspondent for the Toronto Star, lists the following tips in renovating a powder room. While a stylish design may be important in renovating a small bath or powder room, its functionality should still be your priority. If the tiny room has big problems like leaky or clogged fixtures, better have them fixed by trusted Edmonton plumbers before diving into decorating.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Heating Experts Say Old Furnaces Have to Go

The easiest way to determine if your furnace has gone past its limit and needs to be replaced soon is when repairs have become more frequent. There are instances, however, when only some components have to be replaced. By inspecting your furnace’s key components, heating experts can tell whether or not it should remain in service.

Evaluate your current system

Have your furnace inspected by a trained professional from businesses that specialise in furnace repair and installation. As mentioned earlier, if certain key parts continue to malfunction and the furnace has been in use for more than 18 years, it would be more practical to replace it.