Monday, May 30, 2016

Get Free Furnace Service by Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit


By installing a new air conditioner, you’re entitled to a FREE furnace service by Edmonton’s trusted professionals.

Prepare your furnace for the next winter!

Undoubtedly, with milder temperatures enjoyed by everyone in the past few weeks, homeowners now have little need for their furnace in warming their home. Despite this, however, make sure to check your furnace and have it serviced by a professional before you prepare it for months of inactivity. Surprisingly, failing to have the furnaces checked is one of the causes of unexpected problems come the next winter.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Install a New Air Conditioning Unit and Your Furnace Gets Free Service


Have Edmonton professionals install your new air conditioning unit, and have your furnace serviced for FREE!
Make your home comfortable all year round.

With the skies gradually becoming clear again, one thing is for certain: warmer temperatures are to be expected in the next few months. These days, it’s time to put more focus on your air conditioning unit and ensure that it’s in working order in time for summer. As a homeowner, you should begin checking for any signs of trouble on your unit and have them dealt with as soon as possible.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Furnace Health Check: Recognizing What the Color of the Flames Mean

Natural gas or warm air oil furnace is an important investment in any home, and keeping track of its efficiency and effectiveness on how it is running pays. It is necessary to know when it is time to replace before it costs you more than it should in repairs. Every home environment in Edmonton requires a heating system that is safe and energy efficient.

Is the Furnace Burner Flame Yellow and not Blue?

Natural gas is clean, safe and reliable. When your furnace is operating efficiently, natural gas burns with little residue release. However, if the appliance emits a flickering or a yellow flame instead of the normal blue, that is a sign that poisonous carbon monoxide is being created. Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, tasteless, highly toxic, and fatal.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Troubleshooting Tips for Some Common Refrigerator Plumbing Issues

Homeowners have to deal with a variety of plumbing problems now and then. The plumbing system is responsible for so many functions in the home that it becomes difficult when it acts up. The refrigerator, for instance, is connected to a home’s plumbing. Ice-making refrigerators are some of the most common appliances you will find in homes. However, some plumbing issues may come up that can lead to an inefficient refrigerator. When there is a problem, hire a professional plumbing company in Edmonton to check it and provide a suitable solution. Here are some of the plumbing issues your refrigerator may have that you will have to troubleshoot

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This is How a Bad Compressor Causes Edmonton Heating Problems

The compressor is the heart of the heating system, a component that resembles a piston engine. It is responsible for placing the refrigerant under high pressure by compressing it and turning it into a high-pressure gas. When the compressor burns in a heat pump, it threatens the entire operation of the unit. If you are in Alberta, Canada and suspect your heating system’s compressor has gone bad, contact an Edmonton heating system expert such as those from Capital Plumbing & Heating, immediately for a professional repair.

Unit Components

Understand that Spruce Grove heating systems consist of various components that work together to a desirable comfort level in a home or office. When well-maintained, the system should last for at least 15 years. When routine maintenance is not followed, the life of the system can be dramatically reduced.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater’s T&P Relief Valve

If your T&P valve suddenly started leaking and you have not had any plumbing renovations recently, a replacement could be the best and only solution. The pressure valve that is factory set to release water at pressures exceeding 150 psi is a basic component in Edmonton hot water tanks. Any malfunction could lead to disastrous consequences. Embracing proper maintenance that focuses on periodic testing of the valve is important, as the valve is the safety device that prevents your water heater from exploding.

Due to thermal expansion, pressure and temperature are tied together. Should the tank begin to overheat, pressure build-up will be triggered. For safety reasons, the extra pressure and heat should be released, and this is the work of the T&P valve. Do not stop the valve from leaking by plugging it. Contact a professional plumber like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. who will be able to determine the cause of the leakage and fix it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why You Need Drainage Experts When Moving into an Older Home

The drainage system in your home is as vital as the rest of the plumbing even though most homeowners neglect it until something goes wrong. If you are one of those people, it is time to start giving the home drainage the attention it calls for. You could avoid many problems in the future if you can start with proper maintenance now. A malfunctioning drainage system can cost you a lot of money to repair or replace it, which is why having a professional check up on it are crucial.

The system that takes out the waste in your home goes beyond the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. There are pipes miles long underneath, and if there were not working properly, you would have to fix them. It is why you should find a suitable expert in drainage maintenance and repair. Plumbing companies in Edmonton such as Capital Plumbing provide these services.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Need for Professional Plumber Services to Your Home Renovation

Plumbing is one of the aspects that you have to consider when deciding to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. When getting any renovation work, always ask what will happen to the plumbing. Renovations may mean moving the plumbing or changing the piping. It is essential to hire a plumber that provides remodeling services. It helps to learn some basics of plumbing renovation before you start shopping for new fixtures for your home in Edmonton or Spruce Grove.

Moving Plumbing

It will be necessary to hire services from Edmonton plumbers if you intend to move plumbing infrastructure. A renovation project that involves adding more space to a particular room, whether bathroom or kitchen may require the plumbing fixtures to relocate. A professional plumber that specializes in renovation services knows what needs to be done to suit the new requirements.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Listing Down the Three Major Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

Furnaces are supposed to keep your home warm during the winter months. Like most machines, however, furnaces can also break down and experience problems. When it comes to needing repairs, not many things are as communicative as the turn signal in one's car. Generally, the first time a homeowner notices potential problems with their furnace is when those problems are already occurring. That said, some signs are more obvious than others. Watching out for these signs are particularly essential, as you’ll want to avoid piling up your bills with a faulty furnace. Here are three things that should have you at least considering a residential heating expert. Excessive or noticeable noise Every furnace makes some amount of noise, but in general, these sounds should be consistent. Many only pipe up every few minutes, when the owner stands in the basement. If a furnace suddenly begins making more or louder noise.

5 Tips for Running your Office during a Furnace Installation

As a business owner with employees working in an office, it can be difficult to deal with installing or repairing fixtures, even if a furnace installation only takes about a day on average. Here are some tips for installation day, for you and your employees. 1. Clear the area before anything else Make sure the office is clean. It's beyond the scope of this article to give more advice than that, but if employees have room to move and work during the day, the installation is less stressful for them. 2. Find an accessible location for the furnace If you have an existing furnace, then try to make it more easily accessible (perhaps as part of the first tip). Otherwise, make absolutely sure that there is a clear and safe area that furnace installers can easily access. This will speed up the installation process and make everything easier.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Places in the Home Where You Should Check for Poor Plumbing

We've all heard, or even experienced, horror stories of a wall that browns from an interior plumbing leak, or a pipe that bursts after years of service. Unfortunately, these problems are very difficult for a homeowner alone to notice ahead of time, but they can at least be repaired. You can even prevent it from getting worse by knowing how to spot these common Edmonton plumbing problems immediately. Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Often, the search for leaks begin with the sinks, whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, because of heavy use. In both cases, severe leaking is often obvious: a dank smell underneath the sink, in the cabinet, will indicate mold and, by extension, leaking. Even if that hasn't yet occurred, moisture is particularly noticeable in bathroom cabinets where handheld cleaners or toilet paper is kept.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Add a Water Softener When Replacing Your Water Heater in Edmonton

Adding a water softener when replacing your water heater can help lower bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use, while extending the operating life of your household appliances. With a population of just 30 million people, the largest user of power worldwide, and second only to the U.S. in greenhouse gas emissions, it would seem that Canada needs to put more effort into introducing eco-friendly initiatives. Yet there is much the average Canadian home and business owner can do themselves to help reduce their own carbon footprint, and cut personal household and business energy bills at the same time.

Compressor Failure: An Often Misdiagnosed Air Conditioning Problem

When a home’s HVAC system starts acting up, an Edmonton homeowner may not know what to do or whom to turn to. He or she may attempt a few DIY tricks to fix the situation but due to lack of knowledge and experience, the efforts will be futile. Worse still, a homeowner may call in an inexperienced technician who may suggest the replacement of a few parts rather than diagnosing and correcting the actual problem. Well, that is what happens in most cases whenever a compressor becomes faulty. It is the most misdiagnosed of Edmonton air conditioning faults, which is why you must learn to identify the first signs of compressor failures.

Edmonton Heating Tips Blower Issues that may Arise from Your Furnace

A malfunctioning furnace in your home can be a source of endless frustrations. Some issues with your heating system may be easy for you to troubleshoot and even fix, but some need expert services. The number of heating services in Edmonton will come in handy when the need arises. A furnace not blowing air is one of the problems that you may face. Role of a Blower It is vital to understand the functions of furnace blowers for you to know the impact of faulty ones. A blower motor blows cold air over heated coils and into the air ducts. Without the blower fan, it would not be possible for air to flow over heated coils, meaning no heating in your home. It is essential to learn about the various problems that may come up with a furnace blower fan.

Prolong HVAC System Life with Help from Plumbing Companies In Edmonton

The question of whether preventative maintenance is worth it, in the long run, is one that crops up for many businesses. The HVAC system itself is an integral part of many business establishments, but paying for a maintenance plan can seem like your business is needlessly paying money every year. After all, effective maintenance will prevent problems from surfacing, and will ensure that any minor problems do not become major issues. The end result of using the services of plumbing companies in Edmonton can feel like you’re paying to maintain a system without any problems – however, it is the maintenance plan that keeps the system running efficiently and effectively.

Why Call Edmonton Plumbers to Replace Your Cardboard Sewer Lines

The end of the Second World War was characterised by rapid industrialisation that resulted in the introduction of various exciting plumbing materials. One such product that Canadian homeowners used were the Orangeburg pipes, which were made of wood pulp that was sealed with hot pitch. The principal motivation behind the use of coal tar-impregnated wood fibre was its non-corrosive nature. Also, a lot of metal was used in making ammunition and warcraft, which meant that alternative materials had to be used in plumbing. However, the problems that have resulted from the installation of cardboard pipes have left many homeowners and Edmonton plumbers in awe. The following are the top reasons why homeowners are now replacing these types of pipes with modern alternatives, particularly if the house is old.