Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Places in the Home Where You Should Check for Poor Plumbing

We've all heard, or even experienced, horror stories of a wall that browns from an interior plumbing leak, or a pipe that bursts after years of service. Unfortunately, these problems are very difficult for a homeowner alone to notice ahead of time, but they can at least be repaired. You can even prevent it from getting worse by knowing how to spot these common Edmonton plumbing problems immediately. Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Often, the search for leaks begin with the sinks, whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, because of heavy use. In both cases, severe leaking is often obvious: a dank smell underneath the sink, in the cabinet, will indicate mold and, by extension, leaking. Even if that hasn't yet occurred, moisture is particularly noticeable in bathroom cabinets where handheld cleaners or toilet paper is kept.

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