Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Edmonton Plumbers: Is Your Water Main Leaking? Here’s How to Confirm

What if the water main leak is on your side of the fence? If your water main springs a leak, some signs will be obvious to you. If you see water bubbling or gushing up from your lawn, there’s a huge chance that your water main is already leaking. To confirm, turn off all the plumbing fixtures in your home and check the dial of your water meter for movement. If there is movement, the leak is in your water line. You’ll need to shut the meter off immediately and have an expert Edmonton plumber come over as soon as possible. Minimal or weak water pressure from all the water fixtures in your home is a good sign of a water main leak. Again, turn off all fixtures and check the meter’s dial for movement. If there is none, your water supplier may have shut the water off. Ask your neighbour if they are experiencing the same issue. If they don’t, you likely have a leak or a clog in your water main that requires the expertise of efficient Edmonton plumbers.

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