Monday, February 23, 2015

Edmonton Plumbing Companies are the Ones You Call for the Big Jobs

At some point in the lifetime of a plumbing system, it will encounter a major issue that will require the expertise of Edmonton plumbing companies. These are the issues no DIY homeowner should even attempt to solve. Paige Turner of Demand Media writes in SF Gate Home Guides about the major plumbing problems that are better left in the hands of the professionals: Corroded Pipes They may be out of sight, but they definitely won’t be out of mind once they leak or burst. Old pipes made of galvanized steel or iron eventually spring pinhole leaks due to corrosion. These were commonly used in the construction of homes up until the late 1950s. If you’re unsure about the age of your plumbing, try estimating it based on the condition of the shutoff valves and faucets. If these are ancient, then it’s likely the pipes are, too.

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