Monday, November 21, 2016

Air Conditioning Facts: Keeping the AC Unit On Can Help Improve Sleep

In Alberta, it’s pretty rare to experience burning-hot temperatures at night, and, therefore, the locals don’t usually think about turning their AC units on before going to sleep. Scientists, however, have discovered a pretty interesting fact about air conditioning, which Edmonton residents might want to know about: keeping the AC on helps you get better sleep. Your body’s temperature naturally rises and lowers throughout the day, reaching its peak in the afternoon and its lowest point at around 5 in the morning. When you fall asleep, your body naturally cools off. Keeping your air conditioning on will get your body to the optimal temperature for sleeping and keep it within those limits. This will help you not only slip into dreamland faster, but also help you enjoy a deeper, more restorative sleep. You won’t be tossing and turning in bed to try and regulate your temperature. Post originally appeared on blog page.

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