Monday, July 10, 2017

Gain a New Appreciation for Your Home’s Heating by Understanding How the Gas Furnace Works

A gas furnace is an integral component of efficient heating systems in Edmonton homes, especially those located in cold regions or areas experiencing low-temperature seasons. More commonly referred to as a home furnace, it converts gas to heat with the aim of keeping the circulation of your indoor air warm. Nowadays, natural gas is being used in place of coal, wood, and oil to heat homes as an alternative way of maintaining the green environment.


The conventional furnaces used a pilot light as a source of ignition when they needed to produce heat. They were fitted with a regulator that helped to supply a little flow of gas that kept a short flame burning, which readily ignited it, thus heating the house. Modern furnaces are more efficient since they use a glow stick that is made of silicon nitride as the ignition source. When the furnace calls for heat, electricity passes through the stick, which makes it glow and ignition starts. Read more from this article:

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