Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Fixed Faucet That Moves

Faucets have been a boon to the human race as early as Roman times. The invention of plumbing also paved the way for water control methods that allow people to use as much water as they need. However, most plumbing fixtures have fixed designs and are built only to allow water to flow in one direction, i.e. wherever the outlet was facing.

The addition of separate sink sprayers solved the problem. If small living space doesn't permit the addition of separate plumbing equipment, however, Kohler has a solution for that: their multi-jointed Karbon™ faucet. Made with lightweight but durable carbon fiber, Karbon™ is designed with five pivotal joints, allowing the faucet to be folded up and to save space.

The faucet also allows you to move the faucet anywhere within its reach. Instead of you adjusting to the faucet, the opposite happens with Karbon™. It's useful when you have a set of washing and rinsing tasks to accomplish, and when you need to clean the sink afterward. The flow can be configured to release either a regular flow or a misty spray.

If your faucet's age is beginning to show (e.g. frequent leaks and mineral deposits), you may want to replace it and benefit from the wonders of modern technology. Not only will you save more water but also do less work in the process.

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