Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get an Edmonton Heating Company to Help You with Furnace Replacement

The danger of a furnace breaking down will soon become real to residents of Edmonton like you, as summer slowly turns into fall. Temperatures in the city usually dip from nearly 12 degrees Celsius in August to half that in September, with the wind chill, on average, pegged at -11.7 C. As the onset of cold weather carries its own set of dangers for you and your loved ones, you must consult an Edmonton heating and air conditioning service like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. on whether your heating system is still in good shape or not. Here are things you can do with the contractor: Examine the label One of the effective ways to determine a replacement for your heating system is to analyse the labelling on the furnace. Vandervort suggests looking for the brand name, manufacturing date, and model number, and showing them to the HVAC contractor for guidance. The contractor would know if your system is obsolete, or if the model has been upgraded to an energy-efficient variant.

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