Saturday, January 31, 2015

Homeowners, Beware of Door-to-Door Edmonton Water Heater Salesmen

Has someone ever knocked on your door and asked, demanded, even, to check on your “potentially old or damaged” water heater system with the end goal of selling you another unit? You’ll have to be careful when dealing with these kind of people, especially if they turn out to be imposters. Only recently, Peterborough saw quite a lot of these so-called salesmen convincing homeowners to make an immediate replacement of their water heaters. According to reports, these imposters would enter the home uninvited and would ask to see the Energy Star rating on the water heater, and without such rating, they convince homeowners that an immediate replacement is necessary. Only, according to David Whitehouse of Peterborough Utilities, 99.9 percent of all water heaters do not bear an Energy Star rating, given that this was only included in the units issued last year.

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