Thursday, January 1, 2015

Proper Maintenance Keeps Furnaces Running

With winter going on full blast, furnaces are working double time to keep people warm. To ensure that your furnace stays in good working order, it is best to have an experienced Edmonton heating service do regular maintenance on it. Here are some of the problems a thorough looking over by an HVAC expert would be able to detect and resolve.

A dirty filter is one of the common problems that hinder furnaces from properly heating homes. Their main purpose is to prevent large particles of dirt from entering your furnace’s inner mechanisms and mess up its more sensitive parts. These filters work most of the time, but as the dirt on them accumulates another problem pops up—the accumulated dirt reduces the output of air from your furnace as well as making it harder for air to get in. This leads to harder work for your furnace and less warmth. A thorough cleaning or filter replacement could resolve the problem.

A furnace has many mechanical parts that ensure its smooth function; however, continued usage puts a lot of strain on them. A good example is the blower belt, which powers your furnace’s blower. This help push warm air through your home’s ventilation system. A broken or frayed belt means that your furnace isn’t as efficient at producing heat. An HVAC specialist would be able to detect the worn belt and replace it to return your furnace back into good condition.

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