Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cool off on Costs: Save Money on Air Conditioning

People sure love their air conditioners, especially in hot weather. As summer approaches, air conditioners would be used more than ever, and homeowners should know how to use it wisely so that they can save on costs. Here are some ways to efficiently use the air conditioner:

  • Don’t turn it on and leave it – in a household where the central air is controlled by a thermostat, it would be wise to make use of a programmable thermostat and turn the temperature up or down when it is not needed or if the house is vacant. This would save on money as well as energy.
  • Clean and replace the filters regularly – dirty filters can reduce energy efficiency, and are also the primary reason for breakdowns. They should be cleaned monthly and replaced about every three months.
  • Strategic placing of units – a small room wouldn’t need an air conditioning unit that uses a lot of power, and thus, a lot of energy. Also, separate units for every room might be wiser than a central air system.
  • Make use of fans – fans can help keep you cool even at high AC thermostat settings, saving on cooling costs.
Air conditioners are very much welcome amenities in any home. However, take note that they are also among the biggest consumers of electrical power. Efficient use and management are necessary to allow you to enjoy cool air and save money at the same time.

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