Friday, March 13, 2015

Drain Cleaning in Edmonton Keeps a Healthy System

Gurgling sounds in toilets and gradual flooding on the floor are common signs that your drainage system needs immediate fixing. Minor symptoms include strange sounds and accumulated water in sinks, common indications of blocked pipe openings. However, water slowly seeping inside the house is already a sign of a broken or clogged pipeline. 

Daily and Weekly Maintenance

Like your regular household item, the drainage system has to be regularly cleaned for lasting usage and effective functioning. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain once a week to support flushing operations. For the monthly maintenance, use draining products like an enzymatic cleaner to keep it fresh and odorless. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to get help from an expert to make sure you’re not contributing to the worsening of the damage, if there is any.

Natural Means of Maintenance

Disposal drains are also vulnerable to foreign items if not attended to regularly. To keep it clog-free, use sliced peelings of citrus fruits down the disposal drains or run ice cubes on garbage disposals to remove any residues or plaque. 

Toilet bowls get clogged mostly due to rolls of tissue paper or strands of hair that were thrown inside, while grime build-up and food particles block the mouth of kitchen sinks. On the other hand, suspended solids and mixed salts in the waters heavily contribute to corrosion of pipes. Once you notice a clog building up, have a professional plumber repair and inspect the system to prevent worse problems.

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