Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plumbing Problems—What to Do and When to Call an Edmonton Plumbing Pro

With frequent use, your home’s plumbing system is bound to need the maintenance services of an Edmonton plumbing professional once in a while. Regular plumbing maintenance is something that needs to be done not only to keep your plumbing fixtures and pipes in good condition, but also for the early identification of potential problems. That being said, plumbing problems can still occur unexpectedly. Below are some of the plumbing emergencies you may face and what you can do about it. Burst Pipes When a pipe bursts, your top priority is to stop water from flowing out. Locate the main water valve to your home and shut it. Turning off the main valve will close the water supply to the pipes, and as a result, prevent flooding in your home. After performing damage control, call your dependable neighborhood plumber immediately to have the broken pipes replaced.

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