Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tools of the Trade—Get to Know the Vital Tools in a Plumber’s Arsenal

When a dependable Edmonton and Spruce Grove plumber visits your home, it is highly unlikely that he will come unprepared and ill-equipped—that is, he’s sure to bring with him the important tools of his trade. Some of them you may already be very familiar with: wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, files, and the like; however, a plumber also has specific tools that you may not have even seen or heard about. Here are some examples: Snake No, this doesn’t refer to a certain kind of reptile. If a clog proves too stubborn, plumbers will use what’s called a plumbing snake. This looks like a cone-shaped coil of wire connected to a zigzag-shaped offset crank. To remove a clog, the plumber unrolls the snake and pushes it into the pipe until resistance is felt.

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