Friday, October 16, 2015

Calling a Plumber: The Top Kitchen Plumbing Issues

Read on to discover the common plumbing issues businesses and homeowners face in the kitchen that require the expert help of an Edmonton plumber.

What Can Go Wrong in the Kitchen?

• A Clogged Drain

The kitchen is a place where you're most likely to suffer from clogged drains, simply because people tend to wash small pieces of food, fats and oils down the drain out of convenience. Over time this waste can build up to the point where it causes drainage problems that only a plumber can fix.

• Leaking Faucet

Another common issue plumbers are called out to is a problem with the kitchen faucet. When a faucet is leaking, this means that there's a blockage or broken component in the faucet. In the latter case, it's usually the washer that causes a leaky faucet, and an expert plumber will need to be called upon to take it apart and replace the washer.

• Water Damage

Water damage is an expensive problem to fix, which is why calling out a plumber as soon as possible to control the situation is important. The cause could be any of the above reasons as well as burst pipes in the dishwasher and a washing machine that overflows. In any case, the cost of hiring a plumber will be worth it if it means avoiding costly leakages in your kitchen.

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