Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Plumbers fit eco shower heads in Stony Plain

Water-saving shower heads are kind to the environment and kind to your pocket. Everybody craves a pleasant shower experience. There are many different brands of eco shower head available and choosing one might seem a little mind-boggling. Don't despair, because there are basically 2 types of technology to understand.

One design uses what's known as aircore technology. This improves the efficiency of your shower by mixing air with the water, so as the jets of water are expelled, the water pressure's increased. Better still, the mix of air and water pushes the water out of the shower head with exactly the same force as your normal shower, but uses less water. A well-known make's EcoCamel and the manufacturer claims that their design limits water flow to just 8 litres per minute. This equates to a water saving of approximately 10,000 litres of water per year, for a family of 4.

The other major design uses technology that pulses water from the shower head at a rate of approximately 40 times per second. The top brand's PulseEco and the manufacturer claims it's fast enough for you not to feel the difference. The benefit's that s you’ll use approximately half the water of an ordinary shower.

It's critical to get the right eco shower head model to suit your particular shower, or the performance will be affected. Your plumber can provide valuable advice and supply and fit the shower head so you can get started with your water saving.

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