Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unusual Finds during Drain Cleaning

Domestic drains are only about 10cm wide so it's not surprising that sometimes professional drain cleaning's required. However, in Edmonton, drain cleaners are finding unusual items blocking drains, as well as the more common soap deposits, general dirt and hair.

Toys are amongst the things that end up blocking drains, possibly as a result of being been flushed down the loo accidentally or deliberately. Dolls, cars, lego pieces, have all been found in the drains, needing emergency extraction.

Cement's another drain killer. DIY enthusiasts unwittingly pour it down the drain and end up ruining an entire drainage system. Cement's great for sealing off unused drains but shouldn't go anywhere near a functioning drain, or it'll cause huge damage with large repair bills.

Mobile phones are becoming an increasingly common find in blocked drains and it's easy to lose a phone down the loo if you take it into the bathroom. A phone in the drain means trouble for your piping, not to mention the end of the phone's life.

As a city of pet lovers, Edmonton residents with cat litter trays sometimes clean them out via the home toilet, in the belief that flushing will clear the litter and debris away. Drain cleaning technicians have found drains that are completely backed up with cat litter deposits. Cat litter clumps together, that's why it's fatal when disposed of through the domestic drainage system.

So, be mindful of what goes down the plughole or the loo, to avoid becoming part of the Edmonton drain blocking statistics!

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