Thursday, December 17, 2015

Qualifications of a Trusted Plumber in Canada

Plumbers have to be the best in their field: sub-zero temperatures mean that pipes and external fittings get a hard life, and those in the plumbing profession are always in demand.

Plumbers are often the quick-reaction force in home repairs: while they will be required to undertake servicing and maintenance, they will also be called upon in emergencies. Plumbers need to be able to think quickly and implement a damage-limitation strategy as soon as they arrive at the property.

Plumbing emergencies can often result in home-owners being without heating, water or sanitation, and the plumber will need to provide a short-term solution whilst planning a permanent repair.

Full repairs will need to be undertaken in a short time scale to ensure the occupants have everything they need, and this is where the specialist training that plumbers undertake becomes essential. The plumber will have to learn the plumbing layout of the property in a short space of time, so trade knowledge is essential.

To practice as a plumber, individuals will have to be registered as an Alberta-certified journeyperson or be a registered apprentice. Apprenticeships usually involve up to four years of work experience with at least 1500 hours completed on the job, and apprentices will also need to undertake eight weeks of training every year to qualify. Training is ongoing, and plumbers can also qualify for a Blue Seal business credential.

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