Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spruce Grove Plumbers Recommendations on Frozen & Burst Pipes

Spruce Grove householders facing problems with frozen or burst water pipes are strongly advised to call in local Spruce Grove plumbers. If you try to heat up pipes yourself in attempts to clear the ice buildup you could cause even more damage, resulting in high emergency plumbing repair costs.

You know when your pipes are frozen, there won't be any supply when you turn on faucets. Low pressure in freezing weather is also an indication that pipes could be starting to freeze. Follow these tips to stop pipes freezing:

1. Run water regularly to stop pressure building up in pipes. If you keep faucets open a little during coldest weather there's likelihood of pipes freezing, as moving water freezes more slowly.

2. Insulate any pipes touching external walls. It's a job you can do yourself using inexpensive insulation sleeves which simply wrap around pipes.

3. Shut off water supplies to back yard hoses before winter. This cuts any risks of burst water pipes in the yard.

4. If you do experience a burst pipe turning off the main shutoff valve and opening all faucets to drain water out of pipes reduces the risks of further damage. Water heaters should also be drained to prevent freezing temperatures causing damage to the heater while water supplies are cut.

5. When you plan time away from home during colder months, drain water from your pipes and domestic systems before heading off on holiday.

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