Friday, May 16, 2014

Plumbing Tips: When to Replace your Pipes

Whenever there’s a plumbing problem, most people have a choice: repairs or replacements. Generally, your plumber should be able to tell you when one is needed, and when one is the more practical choice over the other. However, it never hurts to know what to expect each time a pipe bursts and you have to call in the plumber again.
The typical lifespan of your plumbing pipes should be an excellent indicator of what to do in case of damage. If the damaged pipes are way past their limits, constant repairs could turn out costly. Metal pipes like brass, copper or galvanized steel supply pipes could last for 80-100 years, but your PVC drain pipes might need replacement every 25 years or so.
When Renovating
It can be quite costly and inefficient to regularly check up on every line that runs through your house, especially those buried within your walls or floor, so when is the most practical time to check on pipes that might need replacement? Why not do it when you’re having your house renovated? This could allow you to save up on the cost of tearing down some parts of your wall.
Replacing Exposed Pipes
Exposed pipes, on the other hand, can easily be inspected and replaced whenever needed. Have your local plumber look into your basement or crawlspace pipes for possible damage or leaks, and have repairs or replacement done.

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