Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Replacing a Broken Toilet Flapper

Your toilet’s flapper is an important component as it stops the tank from filling up too much to overflowing. In short, a broken toilet flapper could mean trouble for your water bills. This particular component can be bought at an affordable price though, so you have little to worry about should it be damaged, you just have to know how to replace it.

Removing the Flapper
First, make sure that the water source is completely turned off before you begin replacing it. Drain the tank by flushing the toilet after it’s been turned off. Now, work on removing your old flapper. Do this by taking the chain off the toilet handle rod and unhook the flapper by pulling each ear out of the flush valve.

Sizing a New One
Check your new flapper to make sure that it adequately fits your toilet’s flush valve. Remember that anything less could lead to leaks that you might not even realize until you notice the rise in your water bills. For instance, most flappers are built to be affixed to the valve’s side by their ears.

Setting up the New Flapper
Now place the flapper on the valve accordingly. Replace the new flapper’s chain onto the handle rod, adjusting so that the flapper sits firmly in place, and so that the chain itself wouldn’t get caught under it when the water rushes out.

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