Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clogged Drain? No Problem with These Tips!

Clogged drains are among a home plumbing system’s greatest problems. While you might be tempted to call up your trusted Edmonton plumbers every time the sink gurgles or drains slowly, here are some steps you can take to remedy minor clogs before it’s too late:

Gear up

Start your plumbing troubleshooting by getting the right equipment in the first place. You’ll need a plunger, and in case the clog is more than a bit of plunging can take care of, you might want to bring a drain snake or hand auger, too. You’ll also need a wet cloth to cover the overflow vent of your sink’s basin— only by covering the vents properly can your plunger work efficiently.

Fill with Water

Now, you should fill the sink with water, but not to the brim— rather, make sure that there’s just enough water to completely cover the head of your plunger (you can seal it further by coating the plunger’s lip with petroleum jelly). Slide it over the opening and pump up and down until the water pressure building up underneath manages to dislodge the blockage.

Professional Help

If this process still doesn’t work, you might want to take it as your first sign that your drain will need professional work. In this case, be sure to hire only reliable Edmonton or Stony Plain plumbers. These professionals should be able to remedy most of your other plumbing problems as well.

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