Thursday, November 27, 2014

Setting Up Air Conditioning for Your Old House

Issues with heating are usually common in older homes, especially those that have stood for generations. Unlike newer homes that are designed with energy-efficient features, old homes need better installation to supply ample heating during winter. If your house is much older than you and you determine that it lacks sufficient temperature control, tap companies skilled at heating and air conditioning for your needs.

In evaluating whether or not an old house has to be equipped with a modernised heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, one of the key tasks is to make sure no parts detract from the general appearance – especially the ductwork. The problem with conventional ductwork grids: their size becomes quite the eyesore if you’re preserving the original form.

Workarounds involve installing either high-velocity or mini-split HVAC units. The high-velocity route concerns small ductwork linked to a supply trunk, where the cooling load is force-fed. Mini-splits consist of a central condenser with a network of air handlers assembled at specific rooms.

Thickening the insulation for an old house is never far behind when upgrading the HVAC system. Your air conditioning contractor can be tasked to analyse the current level of insulation and recommend further options. This would be essential if the new system could not achieve the optimum load for your house without an insulation upgrade. An old house heated or cooled with a modern system will be a blessing to its occupants. It makes living conditions a bit more tolerable.

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