Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Common Plumbing Terms

Ever invited a plumber over to look at some busted piping, yet can’t make sense of what he says? To the untrained ear, plumbers speak some sort of otherworldly language that may sound like Klingon. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few “Plumberese” terms to help you out.

Bidet – Pronounce as “bi-day”, it is a plumbing fixture that closely resembles a toilet and is only intended for washing genitals and the posterior region. Bidets not designed to take solid matter, or else their drains would be clogged.

Auger – An auger is a flexible metal rod with either a cutting or clearing device on one end, and is primarily used for clearing clogged drains.

Grey water – “Grey water” is essentially the soap-laden waste water from bathing, washing, and all other related activities that use soap and water.

PSI – This is an acronym of pounds per square inch, used to measure pressure. For instance, a pressure level of 40 PSI indicates that each square inch of a given object is being weighed on by 40 pounds worth of pressure.

Straight stop – Straight stops are valves typically installed between the main water supply line and the toilet or tap. In case of an emergency, these straight stops are shut off to allow for necessary repairs or checks.

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