Thursday, April 2, 2015

Edmonton Heating Needs: Call the Pros to Learn About Your Best Options

The province of Alberta has a dry climate with not much of the humidity that usually accompanies summer, and summer nights are quite cool. On the other hand, Alberta experiences very cold winters, and its snow seasons are quite long. To keep warm during this period, residents have several options in heating Edmonton or Stony Plain homes, including a heat pump and a furnace. Both are equally effective, but if you are looking to install a new heating system, certain factors can help determine which would be better suited to your needs. The one thing that a heat pump and a furnace has in common is that they both heat air and distribute this around the home, unlike boilers which heat water to produce steam for heating. A heat pump gets heat from outside air, while a furnace produces heat by using flame to warm air. One of the factors in deciding between the two would be the climate.

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