Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Plumbers Promote Green Practices

Some Edmonton plumbers have made commitments to practice green policies and promote water saving devices, fixtures, and practices among clients and customers. These valuable contributions to public education and awareness are essential to an effective water conservation policy. Green practices conserve water, reduce waste, and reduce energy usage. They involve using high-efficiency plumbing fixtures in residential and commercial locations to promote lower water consumption. Tankless water heaters, for example, avoid the wasteful practice of continuously heating a large volume of water when not in demand.
Water audits and inspections are important tools in the effort to provide green plumbing systems in households and commercial buildings. These audits survey actual water usage and provide recommendations and corrective actions for improvement. These help in detecting leaks, high-water usage in toilets, and outdated shower and bath fixtures. Repairing these leaks and upgrading fixtures lead to greater energy efficiency and lower water consumption. Some plumbing companies even offer and install water monitoring units that can detect large and small leaks. These systems can prevent gradual water waste, and can also prevent catastrophic losses from burst pipes and similar events that can damage property in addition to wasting water.

Homeowners and business owners can show their commitment to green practices by having a professional plumbing company check their plumbing systems. The company can determine whether or not upgrades to their fixtures and systems are necessary to make their buildings and homes environmentally-friendly.

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