Thursday, April 30, 2015

Heat Islands in Canada's Cities

The task of providing air conditioning services in residential and commercial locations is more difficult for Edmonton HVAC pros because of the dynamics of heat and urban areas. Many of Canada’s cities are heat islands. The structures, concrete surfaces and roadways add tremendous amounts of heat to the local atmosphere, more than in surrounding areas.

The heat island differential between the developed urban core and the less developed surrounding areas is often as small as one to two degrees Celsius. However, in more dramatic cases, it can be much larger. During the hot months in Edmonton, it can be as great as eleven to twelve degrees Celsius. The heat island effect adds pressure on the energy infrastructure, making efficiency a high priority when performing AC installations, repairs, replacement and maintenance services.

In office buildings and commercial structures, Edmonton HVAC experts can install products and systems that make use of the latest technology to improve cooling efficiency. These innovations include Energy Recovery Ventilation technology that reduces peak demands on cooling systems. It uses cool exhaust air to help lower the temperature of the outside air in the intake chambers. In this way, the air conditioning system produces more cool air with less energy. 

In residential settings, HVAC pros maintain systems to provide maximum efficiency. They can also help consumers select Energy Star products for home air conditioning. These products offer low energy use to reduce operating costs. The EnerGuide offers information to compare products for performance and costs, and the pros can guide consumers in understanding these information.

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