Thursday, August 6, 2015

All About Grease Traps: A Common Source of Drain Cleaning Concerns

Restaurants, gas stations with car washes, laundromats, and similar businesses cannot operate without installing a critical component in their plumbing system: a grease trap/solid waste interceptor. The installation of a grease trap is needed, since these businesses have to dispose of potentially harmful wastes down the sewers, which can cause threats to public health and safety. Grease traps are special devices which collect grease and prevent it from going down the drain. They can only be installed by licensed plumbers. The very nature of the grease trap’s job makes it a typical point of focus for local plumbing companies like Capital Plumbing and Heating, Ltd., which serves Edmonton and nearby areas. When grease traps get filled to capacity with grime, clearing them out is a very unpleasant job, but very necessary in commercial establishments, such as restaurants.

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