Monday, August 31, 2015

Standards in the Canadian Plumbing Industry

We've all seen the rogue trader programmes on television, where unqualified and unprofessional so-called plumbers or other type of tradesman, go into homes and businesses and do botched jobs. Unwitting home and business owners, who give these people the plumbing or heating jobs in the first place, take their word for their competence, without checking their credentials. However, by accepting qualifications that may or may not exist, home and business owners put their homes at risk.

Governments around the world have a duty to ensure safety standards across various trades and this is put into practise by legislation, codes of practise and national standards that must be complied with. Plumbing is no exception, and here in Canada the National Plumbing Code 2010 has been adopted. Locally, in Edmonton, a plumbing permit is required for plumbing work to be carried out, to ensure that the best plumbing practises are used by a competent person.

Plumbing and heating engineers must complete rigorous statutory training to make sure their jobs are carried out safely and to ensure their customers' ongoing health and safety, whenever plumbing and heating systems are maintained or repaired. This training is ongoing throughout the life of a plumber, to ensure best practise and therefore best plumbing, are always carried out. Customers have the peace of mind when employing a certified plumber that they are getting the best plumbing or heating job done for their home or business.

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