Monday, August 31, 2015

Protect Homes, Offices from Legionnaires’ Disease

Air conditioning is an essential feature of modern living, giving us comfort in our homes and workplaces. Not everyone knows, however, just how important it is to keep an air conditioning system regularly maintained by a competent contractor. This is to ensure that the system runs at maximum efficiency and also to guard against a harmful bacteria known as Legionella, which can breed in poorly maintained systems and cause a real health hazard in the form of Legionnaires' disease.

The symptoms of Legionnaires' disease are similar to those of flu, with a cough, high fever and pneumonia, and could prove fatal. The situation arises when Legionella bacteria are allowed to multiply in water cooling systems, in temperatures between 20-45 degrees Centigrade. The bacteria are then expelled in very fine water droplets when the system is switched on and they get into the air we breathe.

Regular maintenance, checking and cleaning of the system is the best way to prevent Legionnaires' disease. A yearly service by a professional plumbing and heating engineer is really essential.

There are also steps you can take yourself to prevent bacteria from growing in the first place, such as not letting your air conditioning system fall into disuse. Water should not be allowed to stagnate, because stagnant water gives disease-causing agents an opportunity to multiply.

So why not get your air conditioning system serviced and checked now for peace of mind, if you know it's overdue?

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