Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Heating Experts List Down the Different Odours Related to HVAC Units

There are many ways to tell when a heating and cooling system is having problems, and one of that is through smell. Odours caused by an HVAC system in your home can be an indication of several types of problems, so never neglect even a hint of something smelling funny. The range of issues that result in foul smells can range from simple ones such a dirty air filters to severe problems like overheating in the system.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Sometimes an HVAC system may give out very foul smells usually compared to the stink of dirty socks, which is not a pleasant comparison by any means. The cause of this smell is the growth of bacteria inside a heating and cooling system because of the ideal surroundings it provides. The bad smell becomes apparent when the appliance turns on.

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