Friday, September 9, 2016

Lower the Cost of Your Utility Bills with the Help of Expert Plumbers

Canadians are big users of hot water. Nearly 20% of the cost of energy consumed by Canadian households is for heating water. Add to that up to 60% for heating the home, and it totals a whopping 80% of your utility bill. Where costs are high, there are usually savings to be made.

Even with modern fuel saving technology, and the Energy Star products available today, trying to keep home utility bills down to a respectable level seems to be a never ending battle. Yet it can be done with a little thought, and the help of an Edmonton plumber.

Changing from Electricity to Gas

Although the cost of natural gas has increased considerably more than electricity over recent years, it is still the cheapest fuel for heating water and home. If you have both services connected to your property, then changing from electricity to gas to heat your water and home should see an immediate reduction in bills.

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