Thursday, September 15, 2016

Learn the Common Ductwork and Air Flow Problems in Air Conditioners

Homeowners only begin wondering about the working of their air conditioning systems once the temperatures get warmer, though never during the cold months. Summer may be the only time that an AC unit gets attention, thus making it more prone to problems that are often due to lack of maintenance. Some of the little nagging problems that come up when operating an air con are reparable if only they are spotted in good time.

The ductwork is part of the cooling system that may give you problems when you run an air conditioning system. When air from the system is not cool enough or only cools parts of the room, the ducts could be the issue.

Disconnected Ducts Some technicians don’t take the time to check out the ducts, causing them to misdiagnose problems that result from disconnected ductwork such as low refrigerant levels or faulty coils.

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