Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to Extend the Life of an Air Conditioner

When you bought that new air conditioner, the salesperson was probably encouraging you to buy the latest energy-efficient model. He or she probably told you how much you’ll save on your energy bills and how the unit “pays for itself”.

Of course, the savings you enjoy will depend on how long the unit lasts, as will everything you do to help extend its lifespan. Although that is a relatively simple task, it will still require you to be vigilant about it. Here are a few suggestions you can try for yourself:

Clock Out Early

Many modern units have a timer feature that automatically shuts the unit down after a certain period of time. Take advantage of this and set your unit to turn off an hour or two before you wake up. This provides your unit an extra hour of rest, which goes a long way in preserving its’ efficiency.

Steer Clear of Debris

Typically, you need to keep the condenser of your unit (the exterior portion) at least 36 inches away from anything that could potentially block the flow of air. For ground floor units, this means you may need to trim the bushes a little more often.

Use Your Blinds

If you have heavy blinds or drapes, use them to prevent sunlight from getting in. By blocking out sunlight, you prevent the air in the room from heating up and make it easier for the air conditioner to keep the room cool.

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