Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Useful Tips on How to Reduce your Heating Bill

In the coldest months when your heater is working on high gear, staying comfortable and warm can cost you. Families on a tight budget can get squeezed dry as the monthly heating bills spiral out of control. Before you get taken on a costly ride just to heat your home, learn a few things to help you work through your energy consumption, while keeping pleasantly warm during the frosty months.

  • Go for a programmable thermostat. Installing one can help control the peak hours of use and reduce energy usage when not needed. Take note of schedules where no one will be in the house so that the heater can stay on a constant temperature and turn off automatically where you have programmed it. Choose a thermostat that lets you change temperature settings at your convenience. .
  • Insulate your home properly. Heat can easily escape through the tiniest openings. Slits in windows and doors are easy pathways for cold drafts, and vice versa, these fissures can let precious warm air out. Caulking in the right places and weather stripping should resolve this. Additionally, make sure that flues or vents in the house are closed when the heater is on.
  • Have technicians do regular maintenance check-ups on your furnace. This ensures that your heating equipment will be in good shape when you need it to work most efficiently.
  • Use only enough heat to keep comfortable. A difference of a few degrees means a lot. Gauge how you might feel comfortable even if you lower the thermostat by five to ten degrees. It could mean considerable savings.

Heating your home need not break the bank. With these helpful tips, you can look forward to a more reasonable heating bill every month.

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