Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stop Shower Backflow with Help from Plumbing Companies in Edmonton

Edmonton residents are all too aware of the dangers of backflow at some points of the house’s plumbing grid all too well. Many of them still remember the early July, 2012 storm, which triggered a raft of floods due to sanitary sewer backflow; the city also offers a subsidy program for backflow preventer installation. If you’ve suffered the ignominy of sewer backflow blasting out the shower, you must call plumbing companies in Edmonton such as Capital Plumbing and Heating for effective solutions.

Stopping the backflow often requires probing the likeliest areas of blockage and reviewing them on blueprints of the house’s plumbing grid. One place to start would be the toilet itself; your preferred plumber may need to run a flexible toilet auger down the line to gradually probe for blockages. The entire line should be probed to ensure full clearance of the toilet drain.

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