Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Switching Water Main Pipes

All the water coursing through your house always comes from a water main pipe courtesy of your city’s utility authorities. However, some pipes may have degraded over the years, which can compromise the water’s cleanliness and the health of residents. As such, replacing the main line piping with modern materials take precedence– often through the assistance of the best plumbing contractor you can find.

Consult the plumbing contractor using technical blueprints on the house’s plumbing grid and determine where the section of mains piping is located. Talk to the city’s water works authorities about closing down the links to your house for the duration of the work. Once that is done, your plumbers can proceed with digging at the portion of the lot where the subject pipes are buried under. If the pipes are metal, you can have them replaced with PVC piping.

Although the dig may be a bit deep depending on the data in the blueprints, you should also make sure to scoop out the soil underneath. You will know there’s a leak in the piping if a puddle gradually forms. Measure the length of pipe the plumbers should remove; as a rule of thumb, cut an extra part on both ends of the piping between 1/8” to 1/16”; they will serve as coverage sections for PVC couplings. Once the couplings and the piping have been installed, a layer of sealant will lock them into place. 

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