Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Air Conditioning in Edmonton: Repairs for the Pro

In choosing an air conditioner, one of the factors you need to consider for cost-efficiency is the size of the space to be cooled. For instance, a room air conditioner may be preferable for smaller spaces, or for those who plan to move later on, as this type of AC is relatively easier to be moved to a new location. If you want to install centralized air-conditioning but your home does not have the needed ductwork, and adding one would be difficult, you may want to consider a mini-split AC or the central type that uses smaller high-pressure ductwork. 

Once you have an air conditioning system installed, make sure to give it proper maintenance to avoid unnecessary high energy bills and to prolong its service life. It will help to know basic troubleshooting methods, but you also have to recognize problems that warrant professional help. The following are two common AC repairs that are best left in the hands of an HVAC specialist. 

Refrigerant Leakage

The refrigerant is a liquid that absorbs and releases heat as it travels continuously through the AC coils. When this liquid leaks out or the appliance is low of it, the problem should be handled only by professionals. 

Motor Causes

Central air conditioners are similar to automobiles in that they all need a motor to function. While motor problems in cars are reparable on your own if you know how, AC motor problems can get very complicated, requiring the skills and knowledge of HVAC experts.

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