Friday, June 5, 2015

On Cleaning Drains Without Using Chemicals

Drains are important components of any plumbing setup, since they collect waste water from faucets, showers, and other similar fixtures, and dispose the liquid. Although drains are made such that only water and other liquids can pass through them, they can still clog due to things such as hair and soap scum. Typically, homeowners have the option of using drain cleaner liquid to flush out the blockages from their drains, but there exists other alternative options that do not involve chemicals.
Homeowners might want to avoid using drain cleaners as much as possible when unclogging their drains. The chemicals are highly toxic, which makes them dangerous to use around children and those with delicate health problems. Moreover, some drain cleaners are highly caustic, and can burn the user’s skin as easily as it can burn hair stuck in the drainage.
There are other ways to clean a drain without resorting to chemicals. Homeowners can use drain snakes to pull out debris and hair from their drains to unclog the pipes. Alternatively, homeowners can just simply call for their local plumbers to unclog their drains. This option is preferable for those clogs that do not seem the budge, or are located deep within the piping that are simply unreachable by commercial drain snakes.

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