Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Got Hard Water? Call Edmonton Plumbers to Sort Things Out at Once

"Water isn’t just water, or a combination of two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen atom (if you’d like to be technical about it). You’ve likely learned about how the acidity or alkalinity of water is measured using the pH scale: water with low pH is more acidic, and water with high pH is more alkaline. The latter is also known as “hard water.” Local Edmonton plumbers from firms such as Capital Plumbing & Heating have likely tackled concerns regarding hard water with their clients in the past, but what is “hard water” exactly? In simpler terms, hard water is water which contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals like calcium or magnesium, while soft water is the complete opposite—the purer one, specifically. Take this analogy for deeper understanding: rainwater which falls down from the sky is soft and pure, but as it makes its way to the ground, it hits a lot of surfaces and picks up various minerals along the way. The result is hard water. "

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