Thursday, June 18, 2015

Plumbing Companies in Edmonton: What to Do in Plumbing Emergencies

"Although there are plumbing companies in Edmonton that are always available for emergency cases, it’s imperative that you also familiarize yourself with essential troubleshooting techniques to help prevent the situation from getting worse. If you merely wait for help to arrive, water could continue to seep on the ground and flood your home, damaging your furniture, appliances, and other belongings, as well as cause your bills to skyrocket. Drainage problems can cause indoor flooding, unless the source of the water is turned off, and the water flow is stopped. The first thing you have to deal with is the main shut-off valve. This is a pivoting valve attached to a pipe shaft. Using a wrench, rotate the valve until the whole water system shuts down. Most homes with municipal water supply have their shut-off valves near the water meter, which is usually found on edges of residential properties, with a metal cover marked “water meter” or “water.” "

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