Monday, August 25, 2014

Common Signs Indicating a Plumbing Problem

Many homeowners end up taking their plumbing system for granted, so much so that they’ll only inspect it when things are already going wrong. If you want to keep from getting inconvenienced every time a fixture fails or some pipes burst, be sure to look out for these signs of potential plumbing problems:

  • Low water pressure could be an indication of clogged pipes or leaks somewhere within your plumbing system.
  • Wet spots or mold growth inside enclosed spaces in your home suggests that water has been leaking from somewhere for quite some time already.
  • Drains should not be gurgling. If so, they might be clogged.
  • If your toilet keeps backing up to the point that you’re frequently using a plunger, your septic tank might be having problems. It’s also possible that tree roots have burst through the pipes, thereby blocking them.
  • Slow-draining drains also point toward a clog. Use drain cleaners before things get worse.
  • Rattling noises in your plumbing pipes? Some loose debris might be caught somewhere within it.
  • Do your faucets leak even when closed tight? This could mean that minerals have built up within them, preventing the faucet from closing completely.

These signs of impending plumbing troubles might be a good indication to call up a reliable plumber and have the necessary work done on your piping or plumbing fixtures as soon as possible.

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