Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Start Saving on Your Heating Bills with These Tips

Stony Plain homeowners often pay quite a bit on their heating bills during the cold season. It is possible, however, to reduce these expenses through a few useful tips.

First off, you need to understand the conversion rate for your savings. The typical energy-efficient furnace will save you around $17 for every $100 dollars you spend, i.e. if you pay $1,000 for your new unit, you can expect to save $170 on your energy bills each year. It may not seem like a whole lot, but over time, the new unit will pretty much pay for itself so don’t balk at some of the more expensive units.

Second, pay close attention to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), which rates how energy-efficient a unit is. The standard is set at 13. To maximise your savings, however, try looking for units with a SEER rating of 14.5 or higher. You can also look for the EnergyStar® label.

Lastly, hire a trusted Stony Plain heating contractor. In truth, the savings provided by an energy-efficient furnace depends more on proper installation than the unit itself. You can buy the most efficient unit available, but if it isn’t installed properly, the efficiency the furnace boasts is thrown out the window.

As long as you keep the above steps in mind, you’ll definitely find a furnace that’ll keep your home toasty during the long Albertan winters ahead— and you’ll enjoy a handsome rebate to boot.

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