Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting to know the Types of Drain Clogs

A clogged drain is no fun at all when you are heavily engaged in activities that require a constant flow of water. If left unchecked, they can contribute to more dreadful occurrences such as backflows, requiring the help of Edmonton drain cleaning experts.  

The Clog is Back
Some clogs that have been fixed with DIY solutions often have the potential to come back again within the next few days. Regular DIY drain cleaning might prevent blockages, but all too often it won’t be enough. Take the shower drain for example: hair, soap bits, and even large scraps of dandruff rinsed off your hair can build up right on the drain grille and also pile on down the line.

One Clog Affects Others
Sometimes, the clogging affects several sections of the house’s plumbing grid. A closer check may reveal that the culprit may be some blockage in the main drain line. This will warrant a major drain clean using high-pressure waterjet blasts at the main clog section if the auger could barely puncture through.

The Stench

Certain sections of the piping grid will often emit foul smells, especially when you consider that the sewage drain has mostly urine and foeces on them. However, the drains must be cleared out just the same if a probe revealed dead rats or even rotten food that was somehow dumped down the toilet.

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