Monday, August 11, 2014

Cost/Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Aids

This summer, widespread air conditioning use is as inevitable as beach parties. Despite this fact, you don’t always have to let your power bills balloon. There are quite a number of ways for you to help your air conditioning stay energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Keep the Sun Out

Streaming sunlight into a room is often the biggest reason why your air conditioner finds it difficult to keep it cool. To increase its effectiveness, try using light-coloured treatments as they reflect more sunlight than dark-coloured ones.

Turn down the Heat

Stoves and ovens add a lot of heat into a home. So how exactly are you supposed to prepare a meal? Try eating chilled foods like salads or sandwiches. This is also a great time to try that interesting microwave recipe you read the other day since microwaves produce significantly less ambient heat.

Clean the Filters

Summer is the time when all sorts of things will get caught in your air conditioner’s filter. When the filter is blocked by debris, the flow of air will be reduced substantially and thus lower the unit’s cooling ability. Have a trusted air conditioning contractor clean your filters regularly, or replace them if need be.

Plant a Tree
If you decide to plan a tree, try to plant it so that the shade it produces during the early afternoon covers the condenser of your unit. This way, it keeps the condenser cool, resulting in a more efficient and longer-lasting unit.

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