Thursday, August 14, 2014

Edmonton Plumbing Companies Come To Help When Your Drains Are Clogged

However, before you pick up that phone and call the experts, you might as well try to at least minimize the problem that the plumber will have to deal with. First, there’s the hot water solution. You may be tempted to go directly to the chemical solution, but water is easier on the pipes than most other solvents. All it involves is boiling water in a kettle to pour down the drain. Of course, this works best with light clogs that slow the draining of water, and not full-blown blockages. Additionally, don’t get the water too hot – PVC pipes melt at 175 degrees; if you don’t know what type of pipes you have just go for just the right amount of hot water. Second, there’s making your own drain cleaner. You’d think it would be better to shop around Edmonton for drain cleaners, but commercial solutions can be too harsh for your pipes.

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