Monday, August 11, 2014

Transforming a Bathtub into a Walk-in Shower

What if a time comes when your bathtub no longer fits your personal needs? How do you go about removing and replacing it with a walk-in shower? Where do you start?

A general inspection of the bathroom by your preferred contractor will help determine your course of action for removing the tub. Tubs are generally attached atop a bed of mortar and locked onto the wall studs with a set of screws. The screws will have to be removed before the renovator can pry the tub away from the wall frame; the wall studs and subfloor should also be stripped.

Once the bathtub’s old area is stripped bare, you can talk to the contractor about determining the prospect material for the shower pan. Most pans are square or rectangular models, with custom renovations requiring specially-shaped concrete pans. In some cases, the pan’s drain hole may be mated to the bathtub’s original drain, but the sloping should be enough to facilitate drainage.

The quote provided to you during the original inspection may contain line items such as a new shower unit if the bathtub area never had a shower above it. In this respect, if the bathtub had wall faucets, your plumber will need to install extra piping to accommodate the shower.

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