Monday, May 4, 2015

Edmonton Heating Tips: Proper Furnace Maintenance After Winter Season

Most families relied heavily on their furnaces this past winter to provide them with much-needed warmth from the frigid cold temperatures. In fact, there’s a chance that your home’s heaters have been working overtime to keep everyone inside your home comfortable. Now that winter is almost on its way out, giving way to spring, it’s time for your furnace to have its well-deserved break and you can even start preparing it for the next time it needs to be used. Here are some Edmonton heating tips for you to heed: Cleaning and Changing Furnace Filters Sadly, not everyone replaces their AC’s furnace filters at least every three months, as recommended by experts. Remember that a dirty filter hinders air flow, which then makes your furnace work harder, taking up more energy. Simply cleaning or replacing your furnace filters can make a difference on your energy bill; in fact, it can reduce your bills by as much as 15 per cent.

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